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CD: Across the Borders

Based on the Bedlam Bards series
by Mercedes Lackey & Ellen Guon

Solo album by Lief Sorbye inspired by the Bedlam Bards series by Mercedes Lackey & Ellen Guon. Lief is well known for his band Tempest, and as a former member of Golden Bough. Across the Borders returns to his folk roots, in an album that features acoustic instruments, with just a touch of electric spice.

Songs include:
Montara Bay • Busker’s Lament • Pass the Hat • Fatima’s Garden • I Won’t Drift Away • Ya Amar • Maybe Someday • For Three of Us • Underhill • Krivo Sadovsko Horo • The Nexus • Montara Bay (reprise)

CD: By the Sword

Vows & Honor: Kerowyn's Tale

Companion tape and CD to the By the Sword novel. Vocalist and arranger Meg Davis ’s superb soprano voice provides the energy to capture the moments and moods of the book. The album starts with a recreation of the sack of Kerowyn’s home that has to be heard to be believed. Music, special effects and recording wizardry combine for a truly wonderful experience.

Songs include:
Open • Warrior • Blade of Desire • A Serious Business •Thinking Out Loud • Draw the Circle • On the Edge of the Forest• Kyree • Guardian of the Night • Keep the Peace • Women of Steel

CD: Freedom, Flight, & Fantasy

Heather Alexander is featured as lead singer adding her stunning voice to this album. Freedom, Flight, & Fantasy combines the unbeatable team of Misty’s lyrics and Leslie Fish’s music, and arrangements by Cecilia Eng. Mercedes Lackey wrote all of the songs, some of which have never been recorded before, while others are from albums that are out of print. Freedom, Flight, & Fantasy also features special guest performances by Paul Espinoza and Florie Brown of Golden Bough! This is the first CD featuring Heather from Firebird and the sound quality is incredible!

Songs include:
Arafel’s Lament • The Duke’s Eldest Daughter • The Captive • Dream Rider Snow Magic • The Patterns Of Amber • A Last Battle • Rejected • The Trap • Choices.

CD: Heralds, Harpers & Havoc

Meet the characters of the Arrows Trilogy as they sing about themselves and their world. Performers include: Mercedes Lackey, Margie Butler, Larry Warner, Kristoph Klover, Frank Hayes, Bill Roper, and Dominic Bridwell.

Songs include:
Holderkin Sheep Song • Meeting • Threes • Philosophy • Her Father’s Eyes • Dark and Stormy Night • Healer’s Dilemma • Sun and Shadow • For Talia • The Face Within • Laws • Musings • First Love • Arrow’s Flight • Fundamentals • Otherlove • After Midnight • Herald’s Lament

CD: Lovers, Lore & Loss

At last the continuation of the musical story started with "Heralds, Harpers & Havoc", is ready! Lovers, Lore & Loss tells the rest of the story from the "Heralds of Valdemar" trilogy. Rejoin Talia, Dirk, Selenay, and Elspeth as they love, and grieve in a time of war.

Lyrics by Mercedes Lackey and D. F. Sanders finish telling the story started with Heralds, Harpers, & Havoc. Recorded at Desitrek Studio on a combination of 24 track and digital technology, the sound quality matches the talented folk who appear on the album. Margie Butler from Golden Bough adds her lovely voice to the album as Herald Talia, Shandeen lead vocalist from the band Falls Road, portrays Queen Selenay,Cecilia Eng as Princess Elspeth, Bill Roper as Healer Davon, and Steve Einhorn as Dirk. Paul Espinoza, Florie Brown, and Richard Ferry from Golden Bough contribute their considerable musical skill to round out the album.

Songs include:
My Lady • Coming Home • Chosen One • Dark Ending • Trapped • Between • One Answer • Cost of the Crown • Battle Dawn • Trio • Confusion • Heart's Own • Promise • Recall • Maiden's Hope

CD: Magic, Moondust, & Melancholy

A mixture of fantasy and science fiction songs with lyrics by Mercedes Lackey, and music by Leslie Fish, performed by Leslie Fish & Heather Alexander. Some of the songs are based on popular books by C.J. Cherryh, Barbara Hambly, and Leigh Brackett, while others like, Kerowyn’s Ride and Wind's Four Quarters, are based on the Valdemar novels by Mercedes Lackey.

Songs include:
Signy Mallory • Medic • Eumenides • Gil-Shallos • Lammas Night • F.A.P. • Winds Four Quarters • Jirel of Jorey • Of Cabbages • Golden Eyes • Mis-Conception • Kerowyn’s Ride

CD: Oathbound

Oathbound features singers Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish, Cecilia Eng, and Larry Warner. Lyrics by Mercedes Lackey and friends.

Songs include:
Lover’s Untrue • Hawk on the Wing • Lizard Dreams • Song of the Seasons • Snow Beast • War Song • Gift of Amber • Wind's Four Quarters • Oathbound • Hindsight • Advice to Young Mages • Price of Command • Advice to Would-be Heroes

CD: Oathbreakers

Oathbreakers features singers Leslie Fish, Heather Alexander, Frank Hayes, Michael Longcor, and Juanita Coulson. Features lyrics by Mercedes Lackey.

Songs include:
The Leslac Version • Contemplations • There’s Always a Reason • Surprised by Joy • Love Found • Need • Oathbreakers • The Sunhawks • Suffer the Children • Swordlady, or “That Song” • Mirror Spell

CD: Owlflight

Songs by Michael Longcor & Cecilia Eng

Owlflight features some amazing songs and performances, Paul Espinoza from Golden Bough turned out an amazing version of Michael Longcors' Bond Bird Crow song. Yes, the song is just what you would expect from a crowd of intelligent, party happy crows. Margie Butler and Cecilia Eng teamed up as Hertasi, for the war song of the Lizard folk. Allison Bailey the fiddler from Golden Bough, added her bow to three song on the album, and Emrys Atkinson and Michael Longcor team up and rock out on the hard driving Send in the Silver Gryphons.

Songs include:
In the Pelagir • Errold's Grove • People • They Don't Know • Bad Magic Day • Song of the Bear Clan • On the Bridge • Send in the Silver Gryphons • Snare and Deadfall • Song of the Hertasi Water Killers • Kuari's Song • Lilly • Friends • Raucous, Rude and Rowdy

CD: Serrated Edge

Mercedes Lackey’s Born to Run comes alive in the music of Tempest on Serrated Edge. Tempest combines the reels and ballads of old England with the intensity of contemporary electric instruments. These are the same influences which inspired Born To Run, Wheels of Fire, When the Bough Breaks and Chrome Circle by BAEN Books. Tempest rollicks and roars through a dozen ballads and one original vampire love song by Misty! Led by Lief Sorbye’s double-neck electric mandolin-mandola, each of the members of this veteran band shines throughout the album, and propels the listener along with the same persistent energy that moves the music.

Songs include:
Hal-an-Tow • Raggle Taggle Gypsy • A Kiss in thhe Morning Early • Reels on Fire • The House Carpenter • Whiskey in the Jar • Dark Lover • Tam Lin • Mad Tom of Bedlam • The Ballydesmond Set

CD: Shadow Stalker

Stunning lead vocals by Heather Alexander highlight expressive lyrics by Mercedes Lackey & D.F. Sanders. Music by Heather Alexander & Cecilia Eng, with all arrangements by Heather Alexander. This album introduces vocalists Shandeen & Loren Depping, guitarists Steve Einhorn & Randal Bays, and lute player Ron Andrico. Available in both cassette and CD!

Songs include:
Magic’s Price • Shadow Stalker • The Shadow Lover • Demonbane • Windrider Unchained • My Lady’s Eyes • Nightblades • Web of Light • The Colddrake • Vrondi's Eyes • Earth Spirit • Hawk Brother • The Herald's Creed

CD: Sun & Shadow

At last the complete Sun and Shadow Song Cycle.
The long awaited story of Sunsinger and Shadowdancer, set to music, with the complete story for the very first time.The album is a collaboraton between Mercedes Lackey and the musical heart of Golden Bough- Paul Espinoza and Margie Butler.

Golden Bough has been involved with Misty's music from the very beginning, and there could be no better choice to bring this magical tale to life.

The album has a short introduction by Mercedes Lackey.

Songs include:
Valdemar (Espinoza) • I Found a Land (Espinoza) • Two Young Fools - part I (Espinoza) • How Could I Have Known? (Espinoza) • Two Young Fools - part II (Espinoza) • A Lovely Young Man (Espinoza) • Two Young Fools - part III (Espinoza) • Sun & Shadow (Lackey-Espinoza) • Meetings (Lackey-Espinoza) • Windrider Unchained (Lackey-Espinoza) • A Love That’s Meant to Be (Espinoza) • Two New Heralds (Espinoza) • On Her Wedding Day (Espinoza) • Another Morning’s Birth (Espinoza)

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